Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trans-Seasonal Skincare

Another Australian summer fades & takes with it the long sunshine days & my cravings for coconut gelato.

Summer & winter skincare is often straightforward & easy - our skin practically tells us it needs cooling gels & mattifying, light textures in the warmer months & craves rich, nourishing formulations in the dark days of winter. When it comes to the months in between however, it can be a little less straightforward.

Here are my top picks for keeping a-glow in the trans-seasonal autumn months.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is my go-to skincare product when the seasons are changing. No other is capable of comforting my temperamental combination skin the way this natural wonder can. Balancing for oiliness, deeply moisturising on dry patches & soothing when my skin is sensitive - all while improving texture, tone & elasticity. Could a girl ask for more?!

Absolutely essential is a good bronzer for extending your (faux) summer glow. At the moment I'm loving bareMinerals 'A Little Sun' which is perfectly coppery, with a pretty pink undertone to warm the face. Densely luminous, a little of these minerals go a long way!

Urban Rituelle's Coconut & Honey Soothing Body Balm is a silky smooth, deeply moisturising balm that smells like heaven - perfect for dragging every last summer moment out! If I can't continue to eat delicious creamy coconut ice-cream with sweet honey swirled through it, I may as well smell like it! This decadent balm adds sunshine to my day.


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