Thursday, May 31, 2012

Capri Dreaming...

So often the most powerful memories are anchored to fragrances. Recently, I rediscovered the exquisite, fresh scent of 'Via Camerelle' & was instantly transported back to the island of Capri in Italy, where I first fell in love with this beautiful perfume. 

The scent on my skin conjures precious memories of time spent with my toes dipped in the warm water, of balmy evenings eating delicious calzone and sipping prosecco under canopies of bright purple flowers & of course, of the Carthusia perfumery itself.  

It was during a holiday to the Amalfi Coast in Italy that I took a boat & spent one amazing day wandering the Isle of Capri. Already in love with the fairytale-pretty island, I came across Carthusia, an enchanting little perfumery that creates unique fragrances from ingredients native to the region & fell even deeper. 

Not only were the perfumes amazing, but most special of all is that the Perfumers continue to use the same basic methods as the Carthusian monks who originally distilled fragrances & to this day, each & every product is individually hand wrapped. 

Just a spritz of Via Camerelle is enough to take me back.  

Which fragrance holds a special place in your heart?


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reflect: One Fine Day

The time spent at One Fine Day on Sunday proved the event to be all that I hoped it would be; a delicious collection of inspirational wedding stylists, amazing photographers, exquisite milliners, creative stationers, bespoke designers, scrumptious catering & whimsical, unique wedding concepts, each so special they had me wishing I could stage my big day more than once!

Sun Studios, the perfect location for the day's proceedings, was teeming with talent, Brides-to-be & their entourages. We spent a few blissful hours slipping through the crowds, marvelling at the amazing displays and chatting with industry professionals who were each more passionate than the next about their chosen field. We managed to catch one of the parades, where dreamy wedding gowns & gorgeous bridesmaid dresses by Lisa Ho, Fleur Wood, Moss & Spy & Mrs Press were showcased to perfection, before heading out into the garden to sit in the sun, where we sat sipping champagne & eating delicious gelato pops from the cart parked close by. 

{Flowers hung from every conceivable space}

{The oh-so-fun Photo Booth...we will definitely be having one of these!}

{Colourful table styling}

{The parade was staged in one the studios where models strutted their stuff to romantic love songs}

{Bespoke Bridal illustrations by artist Alexandra Nea}

It's events like these that make wedding planning easy & fun - a beautiful source of inspiration for creating a truly beautiful celebration. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favourites

Three things making me happy this week...

{Amazing flowers prettying up my new desk - a work space is always more productive when it's beautiful}

{This amazing 'Into The Light' palette from Stila Cosmetics, which I have been busting to try since it was recommended to me by a Beauty Editor recently who claimed it could do no wrong. I'm pleased to say...she was right! Tutorial coming soon}

{Looking forward to attending the One Fine Day bridal event in Sydney this Sunday. A fair that promises a colourful, creative affair filled with niche wedding industry experts, champagne, a beauty parlour & chilled acoustic tunes in the garden...and no chair covers or organza in any form? I couldn't book my ticket fast enough! I'm anticipating amazing inspiration}

Have an amazing weekend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Handbag Essential: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

A cult classic for the Elizabeth Arden range & a beauty secret passed down to me from my own mother, the iconic Eight Hour Cream is a true handbag essential.

Originally developed back in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden herself, this wonder salve remains a firm favourite of Beauty Editors & Makeup Artists due to it's hard-working and multi-use nature. Textured like a thick balm rather than a traditional cream, the 'skin protectant' is perfect for moisturising and healing damaged, cracked cuticles, wind-beaten lips and severely dry patches like elbows and heels. Makeup Artists love it for the dewy sheen it brings to the skin - it can be used on the tops of cheekbones for a subtle luminosity or smoothed over brows to keep them in place.

Now available in a convenient travel pot (shown) as well as the orginal tube, this is one daily essential I keep in my handbag at all times.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Product Review:

Wedding Talk :: Cinched Waist

This week saw my quest for the perfect belt finalised! I had been searching for a vintage-inspired piece that would work in with my vintage-original gown. In my mind, I pictured an ivory waist belt, heavily beaded with intricate patterns of seed pearls & glimmering accents...what I found wasn't far off!

I treasure-hunted my way through endless rails of bridal prettiness until I finally fell upon the perfect piece. As they say in the wedding game - when you know, you know.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bubbles, Brulee & Bridesmaids

I couldn't imagine my big day without my closest girlfriends by my side, sharing the excitement with my fiancĂ© & I. The thought of having them there with me not only for the planning & lead up, but especially on the morning of, fills me simultaneously with a sense of calm & joy.

Marking the occasion of asking them to be my bridesmaids required an ultra-girly afternoon tea. Think masses of roses in pretty tea-stained shades, plates of elegant sweet treats and lots of bubbles to celebrate....

The super talented Eliza from Letter Bird Lane created bespoke bridesmaid 'invitations' which the girls absolutely adored. The cutest part was that they each received a fun, token ring as part of the invite & which often now they will wear attached to a chain or threaded onto a bracelet, bringing back sweet memories of the afternoon. 

Having them share the excitement makes the journey all the more sweet. 



For baby-soft, smooth skin that's irresistible to touch, there is no substitute for regular exfoliation. One of my favourite ways to pep up tired, lacklustre skin is with a scrub...the beads not only work to clear away dead skin debris, but have a stimulating effect on blood flow, leaving your complexion glowing!

The important thing when exfoliating, particularly with facial exfoliants, is to ensure you're not over-treating. While the temptation is there to enjoy that amazing deep-clean feeling daily, generally speaking, once to twice a week is perfect.

For maximum benefit, exfoliate after cleansing. Apply product the size of a 20 cent piece to your palm and, using finger tips only, gently work into your skin in small circular motions. Be careful to apply only a light pressure, particularly when exfoliating delicate areas of the face. Rinse with warm (not hot) water and always moisturise to finish and protect.

I particularly love products that include AHAs (alpha hydroxi acids) in their formulation as they offer double duty; the AHAs (usually lactic acid from milk or glycolic acid from sugar cane) work to even out the skin on a cellular level, while the polishing grains perform their magic on the skins surface.

The result? Even, smooth, glowing skin.