Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spotlight: Teeki Designs by Amy Oram

Even before getting engaged, I knew that I wanted to wear my mothers wedding dress when I walked down the aisle. The dress itself is in immaculate condition, its lace perfectly preserved & the delicate buttons still completely intact. Having my gown already has meant I completely side-stepped the whole ritual that is 'finding the perfect dress'. The moments I have perhaps missed however in ooh-ing & ahh-ing with my mum, sister & bridesmaids over beautiful bridal creations will be well & truly made up for...

I am so excited to have the super talented Amy Oram of Teeki Designs designing & creating my bridal headpiece. I have long been a fan of Amy's exquisite pieces & couldn't wait to meet with her to discuss my wedding & ideas.

Amy, a talented designer, dress maker & stylist is the creative beauty & brains behind Teeki. With a dedicated following both here in her native Australia & internationally, Amy specialises in creating unique, couture bridal headpieces. You only need to look at her work to see the incredible amount of detail and intricacy that goes into each piece - she sources materials and textiles to suit each & every Brides gown & wedding style. My wedding will be very much a pretty,  vintage country affair which suits my gown perfectly, however Amy is equally clever with Boho, Modern & High Glamour occasions.

I'm meeting with Amy soon to talk concepts and make plans for my own headpiece. She'll also be working on a secret piece I intend to gift to someone very special to me who has played an instrumental part in my love story. I couldn't imagine anything more perfect to give.

You can check out Amy's beautiful work on her website or shop the collection on her Etsy shop.


All images courtesy of Amy Oram (Teeki Designs)

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