Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Product Review:: Kitoko Oil Treatment

Ever noticed your hair colour fading or changing tone in the weeks following your salon appointment? Perhaps you've felt it become heavy with product build up & concerned about it's brittleness when using your GHD?! Well, I'm excited to share that I have found the remedy...

My discovery came when I was chatting last week with the amazingly talented Maret Beare from TONIC Hair (not just an expert colourist, Maret is also an incredible stylist - you should see what this girl can do with a pair of scissors!). We were discussing the best treatment for locks tortured with heat styling & colour-processing as my (faux) blonde, dry hair was needing a little TLC. Her unparalleled, absolutely-can't-go-without recommendation? Kitoko Oil Treatment.

Formulated with a unique blend of Karite & Argan Oil and enriched with a cocktail of omega oils, antioxidants and Vitamins A & E, this hair elixir is ultra nourishing. Just a few drops of the heavenly-smelling product before blow-drying is all that's required for smooth, moisturised, shiny hair. I found it was instantly absorbed & didn't feel at all greasy. It's lightweight nature means it is suitable for all hair-types, including fine & damaged hair. Unlike many other oil treatments, Kitoko is not silicone based, meaning that there is no danger of product build up - the perpetrator of dull, limp tresses & sworn enemy of hairdressers everywhere. This also means it's safe to use with heat styling, so don't hesitate to hit it with the curling irons! If all of this isn't enough to have you running to your nearest salon & you're looking still looking for an added bonus...Kitoko is created with an in-built UV filter, which works to prevent hair discolouring as a result UV exposure, leading to longer-lasting colour lustre!  

After just two wash-&-blowdry rounds, my hair feels softer, smoother & generally looks healthier. The ends are sealed & the lengths bouncy with renewed elasticity. Despite it being a new crush, Kitoko has indeed been gladly welcomed into my beauty essentials hall of fame. 



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