Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amazing Base

When it comes to creating the illusion of flawless, perfect skin with makeup, it's all about the base. While others love flexing their creative muscles with clever eyeliner tricks & fancy shadow application, for me there is nothing more beautiful than a perfect base application. Here are the simple steps to guarantee a beautiful, natural-looking complexion (& have them begging to know your skincare secrets...)


1. Preparation is key - invest a little time preparing your skin & you'll notice the difference not only in how your make up sits, but in how long it lasts throughout the day. Of course great preparation starts with quality skincare, but that's a conversation for another day! Prep your skin for make up application with a quality primer - one that hydrates & refines your skin's texture so that product that follows sits on an even, smooth canvas. My pick...Lancome La Base Hydra Glow Primer, which not only plumps, but injects a little radiance too.

2. A match made in heaven - perfect-looking skin doesn't automatically equate to full coverage. Select the foundation finish best suited to your skin's colouring, condition & needs. Blessed with an even, healthy complexion? A dusting of mineral make up or a veil of tinted moisturiser will suit you perfectly. Concerned with pigmentation or uneven tone? Select a foundation formulated with particles designed to illuminate, even skintone & fade dark spots. With the multitudes of foundations available on the market - your perfect match is out there! Spend a little time tracking it down & you'll find it's a happy relationship. Currently, I'm loving...NARS Sheer Glow Foundation for it's silky finish & light-to-medium coverage. 

3. Blend to perfection - we've all seen it; poor foundation blending leads to unsightly, uneven coverage & dirty-looking tide marks (never a pretty look!). Give yourself enough time to blend your foundation well up into your hairline and down your neck & d├ęcolletage. And when you think you've got it? Blend a little more. 

4. Keep your secrets -  a good concealer is akin to a cosmetic secret weapon. We all have imperfections we'd rather not advertise, be they dark under-eye circles, sun spots or blemishes. With a little handiwork they are easily disguised! The perfect choice...Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, an iconic two-tone palette that allows you to customise the perfect concealer colour.

5. Glow! Nothing screams healthy skin like a little luminosity. Be warned though, there is a big difference between shine & glow...apply your highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, brow bone & collarbone for a natural, beautiful look. Benefit High Beam is glow-in-a-bottle perfection, a pinky, liquid highlighter just perfect for raising cheekbones & complementing brows.

Together, these wonder products work to create a natural, beautiful complexion!

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