Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5 Tips To Looking Amazing When You're Feeling Anything But...

Winter has the tendency to rob us of our lustre. Blame the lack of glow-inducing sunshine, our permanently chilled fingertips & toes, the frosty mornings that keep us languishing in bed rather than powering at the gym, or (god forbid!), the dreaded flu. Whatever the cause, the 'winter blues' are a common affliction. Fear not though, the following quick tricks will have you looking (& feeling) back on top of your game.


Start your days right. Your Ma was right when she told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it a priority to have a nourishing, healthy breakfast that will warm you up & give you the energy you need for your day ahead. My winter favourite is a bowl of warm porridge sprinkled with nuts, cinnamon & a little brown sugar. Delish!


Erase the tell-tale signs of a cold from your face. Nothing declares that you're feeling sub-par more than watery, tired eyes & a red, dry nose from all that sniffling! Hide nasty flu side-effects by replacing your usual dark eyeliner for a white kohl pencil instead. Line your lower inner lash line with the pale hue, which works to reflect light away, opening up your eyes & making them appear larger, brighter & clearer.


Re-balance. Too many tissues left you with an irritated, glowing nose? Disguise discolouration in your complexion with a green-based concealer, just perfect for addressing & balancing redness. Bloom have just launched a Secret Weapon Concealer Kit, complete with all that you need to camouflage dark circles, uneven tone & blemishes. 

Spoil your skin. Give skin the added TLC it craves with a luxe, nourishing treatment. Decleor's Harmonie Calm Comforting Milky Gel-Cream Mask is packed with calming, nurturing botanicals designed to soothe  & protect, making it perfect for skin that has become sensitized from too many hot showers & the drying, cold weather.

Take a sunshine break. Just 20 minutes of direct sunlight in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon onto your skin will boost your vitamin D levels & have you feeling a little brighter. Double the benefit by making this your time to stop, take a breathe & re-focus your energy. Prioritise your to-do's, use the time to daydream a little or just stop & smell the roses.  

What's your secret to restoring your glow mid-winter?


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