Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beach Spa

Steal a blissful couple of hours this weekend & head to the beach for some precious back-to-nature rebalancing. If you're anything like me & find nothing more satisfying than clever multi-tasking (it's sick, I know), try out these DIY Beach Spa tips while you're there and leave not only radiant with beach-infused calm...but glowing on the outside too.

- Face ~ first up, apply a zinc-based sunscreen to your whole body (including face) to keep burning at bay. The zinc oxide found in many sunblocks is double duty; not only protective from UVA/UVB rays but also assists to heal any breakouts you may have. My favourite? True Solutions Total Age Protector (rrp $60) which is hydrating without being heavy, absorbs instantly into the skin and also contains Vitamin E for added antioxidant-punch.

- Hair ~ apply a rich hair treatment & braid hair into a thick plait before you leave for the day. The treatment will activate in the sun's heat and penetrate deeper for maximum results. Try Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask (rrp $44.50 for 250mL)

- Body ~ treat the skin on your body with a refining sand exfoliation. Provided your beach is one with soft, fine grains and not the Italian-style broken-seashell kind of sand, your skin will love you for this gentle exfoliation! Mix the sand with equal parts treatment oil (my favourite is coconut as it's scent IS summer in a bottle as far as I'm concerned) and gentle buff the skin on your arm, legs and torso in gentle circular motions. While not recommended for the delicate facial skin, this is an ideal way to soften your body. Just remember to reapply your sunscreen after as freshly exfoliated baby-like skin is prone to burning! Pure Fiji Coconut Bath & Body Oil (rrp $39.60 235mL)

- Soul ~ The way to true peace and happiness is simple: live in the moment. Turn off your iPod, put down your magazine and just breathe. Enjoy the Vitamin-D boosting benefits of sunshine on your skin and enjoy being temporarily disconnected from the rush and instead connected to yourself. The beauty benefits will radiate and penetrate much further than skin deep.


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