Saturday, January 29, 2011

Squeaky Clean

Ever feel like there is still traces of makeup, sweat or just general build-up on your skin after cleansing? Me too.

Fed up with seeing a combination of the above three on my face washer after cleansing each evening, I decided to shake things up a little and integrate pre-cleansing into my regular regime... and now I wonder how I ever did without!

Cleansers generally fall into one of two categories; oil-free (such as gels and foaming cleansers) or cream/ milk based cleansers (often containing oils and hence the type that require a toner to rebalance afterwards). It's safe to say they are all designed to cleanse the skin of the pollution and buildup that accumulates during the day or toxins purged during the evening as we sleep. If they are required to also cut through layers of product & makeup, it can spell trouble, even for the double-cleanse fanatics amongst us. Enter the 'cleanse-prep': a product specifically designed to melt away the layers of makeup and buildup before you use your regular cleanser to actually clean your skin.

My top two picks (in no particular order):
1. 'Take the Day Off' Balm - Clinique
Comes in a generous-sized tub of what looks to be a solid balm which actually melts upon contact with your skin to become a silky, non-greasy oil capable of dissolving even the thickest makeups, including eye makeup! ($55)

Equally as effective, with a completely different texture, I also love this liquid-oil product. It's lightweight and emulsifies when hit with warm water, which means skin is left clean and non-oily when you rinse the product away. For those with problem-prone skin who are nervous about applying an oil to it, trust me, yours may just be the skin that loves this most! Oil dissolves oil, which will work to clear the skin of excess sebum and allow a deeper, more purifying cleanse.

Once you've tried it, I'm sure you'll agree there is something therapeutic about this little pre-cleansing ritual and even more so, with having a face that is so beautifully clean!

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