Monday, December 6, 2010

Soul Revival - Be Genki

When it comes to truly being 'beautiful', lithe limbs, illuminated cheekbones and the perfect pout will only get you so far. To reach your true beauty potential, you need to have a happy soul. It's something that can be difficult to attain because, unlike glossy hair or a clear complexion, it can't be bought.

No mistaking it though, when you've got it, you shine.

For me, a lot of happiness it tied up with living in the moment. While I'm not pollyanna-esque enough to believe that every moment is going to be perfectly happy, by focusing on the here and now and not letting myself fall prey to the all-too-common mistake of being 'happy when', I find I experience a lot more joy.

Someone who's philosophy on happiness and wellbeing that is very close to my heart is Sam Sample, founder of the delicious Be Genki. According to the website, "the Japanese word ‘genki’ means to be happy, healthy, and in harmony with oneself on all levels" - sounds like a prescription for a happy soul to me! Be Genki is a truly beautiful range of products that are all based on pure essential oils and designed to provide a holistic approach to self-care and wellbeing.

My all-time favourite from the range is the Body Oil, which is available in the four signature ranges; Vitality, Tranquility, Serenity and Sensuality. The formula is ultra-nourishing and perfect for restoring lost hydration (something I experience a lot as a result of the long hot baths I love to take). The unique blends in each also make them a treat to use!

To check out the entire range and be inspired by Sam's approach to holistic happiness, visit the website and Be Genki blog. Incorporate the suggested rituals into your daily routines and you'll find your soul is happier for it.


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  1. what a lovely review! The body oils are one of my favourites too. Thank you Jacquie! x Sam from Be Genki