Wednesday, May 2, 2012


For baby-soft, smooth skin that's irresistible to touch, there is no substitute for regular exfoliation. One of my favourite ways to pep up tired, lacklustre skin is with a scrub...the beads not only work to clear away dead skin debris, but have a stimulating effect on blood flow, leaving your complexion glowing!

The important thing when exfoliating, particularly with facial exfoliants, is to ensure you're not over-treating. While the temptation is there to enjoy that amazing deep-clean feeling daily, generally speaking, once to twice a week is perfect.

For maximum benefit, exfoliate after cleansing. Apply product the size of a 20 cent piece to your palm and, using finger tips only, gently work into your skin in small circular motions. Be careful to apply only a light pressure, particularly when exfoliating delicate areas of the face. Rinse with warm (not hot) water and always moisturise to finish and protect.

I particularly love products that include AHAs (alpha hydroxi acids) in their formulation as they offer double duty; the AHAs (usually lactic acid from milk or glycolic acid from sugar cane) work to even out the skin on a cellular level, while the polishing grains perform their magic on the skins surface.

The result? Even, smooth, glowing skin.


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