Thursday, May 31, 2012

Capri Dreaming...

So often the most powerful memories are anchored to fragrances. Recently, I rediscovered the exquisite, fresh scent of 'Via Camerelle' & was instantly transported back to the island of Capri in Italy, where I first fell in love with this beautiful perfume. 

The scent on my skin conjures precious memories of time spent with my toes dipped in the warm water, of balmy evenings eating delicious calzone and sipping prosecco under canopies of bright purple flowers & of course, of the Carthusia perfumery itself.  

It was during a holiday to the Amalfi Coast in Italy that I took a boat & spent one amazing day wandering the Isle of Capri. Already in love with the fairytale-pretty island, I came across Carthusia, an enchanting little perfumery that creates unique fragrances from ingredients native to the region & fell even deeper. 

Not only were the perfumes amazing, but most special of all is that the Perfumers continue to use the same basic methods as the Carthusian monks who originally distilled fragrances & to this day, each & every product is individually hand wrapped. 

Just a spritz of Via Camerelle is enough to take me back.  

Which fragrance holds a special place in your heart?


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